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Planning a Wine Themed Wedding

Wine is one of the most popular, and most enjoyably consumed, drinks in the world. It has stayed with us through the years as a symbolic element of religious and social activities. This is why so many people choose to use wine as their wedding theme to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the happy occasion.

Wine Themed Wedding and OperaThere are many ways to go about creating a wine themed wedding. In most cases, you will want to have a variety of wines available – whites, reds, Shiraz, and blush, all ready for each individual person’s preference. However, you may also want to present different specialty wines, set up in tasting sections. Guests can then try something different and enjoy in small doses between their regular glasses.

You will also want to try to pair the meal with the wine. There are very specific rules about which wines will go well with which foods. You can serve a variety of wines and foods and then offer  a wine booklet or guide that instructs your guests on the best pairings.

Another fun idea is to set up tables with food and wine sets next to each other. Then guests will easily know exactly what to pair their wine or meal with, making the entire process streamlined and easy.

There are many pieces of personalized wine wedding décor that can be used to complete the theme. Consider wine glasses etched with the couple’s names and date of the event. You could add lush reds and soft whites as the main theme colors to match the beauty of the beverage itself.  Another idea is to use wine bottles, emptied, and then set with candles to create illuminated displays for your guests to admire throughout the hall.

At the end of the day there are a wide variety of wine wedding favors that you can thank your guests for attending the event . Personalized wine stoppers in different styles and colors, or miniature wine shaped candles, can be handed out. You can also give novelty corkscrews,  wine tote bags or other wine accessories.  If you want to get really elaborate custom labeled wine to each family or wine and glass carrying cases which can be engraved and then given out to the most important guests in attendance.

Wine is a celebratory drink which has an air of importance and sophistication to it. By creating a wine themed wedding, you will create this sense of style to the entire event, making it a festive affair. Begin your new lives together with the joy of toasting to family and friends with this long, favored drink.

And what better place to have a wine themed wedding than beautiful Santa Barbara. Santa Barbara has many beautiful churches and splendid outdoor settings where you can let nature be your cathedral backdrop. Of course, after the wedding, you could worse as choice for a unique honeymoon than a Santa Barbara wine tour.

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  1. wedding planning courses says:

    really a great place is WINE. In this post i feel that the writer is writing it’s from his heart, for why i just read it and feel that i was there also!
    Great writing man!

  2. InnoceptStudio@ Wedding Planner Delhi says:

    i am also a Wedding Planner in Delhi but didn’t get any idea ..but when read Ur blog found helpful for me……………

  3. Ronnie says:

    Nice idea’s… I loved the idea of etched wine glasses with the couples names or initials on them. Also the candles in wine glasses is nice. Thanks for the great Idea.

  4. Shine says:

    What if some guests do not dink wine? Well, maybe they can just drink something else. Wine is expensive is expensive here where I live…so for me, this is an expensive wedding!

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