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Wing Girl Method : What's Inside a Woman's Mind (Women Tell All)

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Wing Girl Method What s Inside a Woman s Mind Women Tell All

Wing Girl Method : What's Inside a Woman's Mind (Women Tell All)

Hey You!

I'm not sure if you know this or not, but the way women talk in front of you is ENTIRELY different than how they talk to other women. Especially when it comes to men. For example:

Have you ever told a woman that you are "friends" with that you like her.

Here is the response she tells you:

"I love you too much to ruin our friendship by starting a relationship. I really don't want to lose our friendship".

Here is the response she tells her girlfriends:

"I would NEVER date X. The thought of it actually makes me a little sick. He's like a brother. I don't think of him that way and probably never will."

We females are pretty blunt when we get around one another. Girl time, with our close friends that we trust, is our free time. We can let our guard down and not worry about how we present ourselves. It's when we are the most honest.

Women Tell Each Other Everything.

Which is why you will be very happy you and I are now friends!

I am about to give you Exclusive Access to the world of women, by showing you how we REALLY behave and talk, when you're not around

You Are About To Know More About Women Than 99% Of Men On The Planet
I have selected 52 Attractive, Sexy, Intelligent Women to answer questions that men have never heard the honest answer to. And I recorded their answers on audio and video.

What many of these women did not know, is that when our interview was done, I pretended to stop recording, That's when the even juicer stuff came out!

These 10 Women (PLUS 40) More, Will Reveal All The Dirty Little Secrets About What They Want

These 10 Hot, Sexy, Intelligent Women (Plus 42 More) Are Going To Tell You:

What does it say about a man when he approaches a woman WITHOUT confidence? Will she wait 5 minutes until he gets comfortable?
Can a woman tell if a man is attracted to her even if he doesn't say it?
What can a man do to make a woman instantly feel attraction for him.
What signs do women give when they want to be kissed? Have sex?
sexy - Wing Girl Method : What's Inside a Woman's Mind (Women Tell All)Does a strong character and personality trump good looks every time?
What is the #1 way to make a woman come back for more
How do women decide whether if they can trust a man and let down their guard with?
How do you touch a woman the right way upon first meeting her (without creeping or freaking her out) that you can easily lead to hand-holding, closing with a kiss or even bringing her home later
How do 9's and 10's want to be approached
What signs women give that say "go for it" and ask for her number - and when you need to help her feel more comfort before asking
Is it okay to take a woman on coffee date vs. dinner?
Will a woman be turned off if a man does not spend lots of money on her?
What will guarantee a second date?
What are 10 things a man should NEVER bring up on dates.WomenTalking1 300x199 - Wing Girl Method : What's Inside a Woman's Mind (Women Tell All)
What women really want in a man - the exact qualities she's looking for, and how you can demonstrate them so she chooses you above all other guys.
How to escalate with women from the first kiss to physical intimacy, with no fear of being "shut down."
How to decipher whether or not a woman is using you for your money - Is she a gold digger?
Do women like to talk dirty?
What should you say to get her in the mood?
How to create a safe "non-judgmental" space where she feels free to unleash her wildly wild side
What women are looking for during the first conversation - and what things they absolutely HATE talking about.images 4 - Wing Girl Method : What's Inside a Woman's Mind (Women Tell All)
The little-known difference between flirtatious banter and friend talkWhat are the biggest "turn-off mistakes" that most guys never realize they're making.
When to ask for the phone number, and how to do it smoothly to guarantee she gives it to you.
The exact way your profile needs to be written so a woman responds to you.
What to wear on that first date.
How to leave them wanting more after the first date. Get the 2nd, 3rd and 4th date every time.
No Script. No Rules. Just Women Being Blunt, REAL And Honest.
Here's What You'll Discover About Women
The one quality in a man women universally find highly DESIRABLE. You'll hear this over and over from the 50 women. If you can only learn one thing to improve your success with women. this is it!!!
Finally understand what women really mean when they say "Be Yourself"! Plus The hot sexy quality any man can have that trumps money, status and looks. Women will overlook almost anything if a man has this quality, and any man CAN have it.
The truth about women and bad-boys. Fact is, no women wakes up wishing they could meet a bad-boy jerk who treats her badly. Discover what they really wish for in a man no bad-boy jerk can ever offer. Plus The one irresistible quality of bad-boys every guy can (and should) do that she'll love.
You'll find out what really works in pick-up from women who get hit on EVERY DAY, and what turns them off faster than flicking off a light switch. Including The 5 instant deal-breakers from which there is no hope of recovery.
The polite ways women let you know they are not interested when they don't want to hurt your feelings or crush your ego. These are important if you don't want her to have to blatantly blow you off in front of everyone.
A FOOLPROOF signal a woman wants you to approach her. NOW! And If you don't approach her when you see it, she'll think you're a wimp. Congratulations. you just blew your chance.
Learn the truth about what women think about money when it comes to sex, dating & relationships, and How to prevent money (or lack of money) to screw up your relationship.
The 5 things more important to women than money. And I have uncovered a foolproof way to weed out a Gold Digger.
The important distinction between instant attraction and the long term attraction that leads to a hot sexy relationship. Most PUA's only go for instant attraction.
What makes a man stand out at a night club that has nothing to do with what you wear.
5 reasons why you should focus on Social Proof instead of canned lines or routines in social settings. Plus simple secrets to quickly build powerful social proof anywhere you go. Anyone can do it, but very few people do.
What you can do that shows woman you are sincere and have real value. I'll give you a hint: it's not canned routines.
The giant flashing GREEN LIGHT she wants you to talk to her. If you ignore this and don't go talk to her she'll think Wimp, Wimp, Wimp!
2 signs a woman will give off when she first meets you to let you know she's curious about you. Discover how to recognize the subtle signals she's giving you that say More Please!
Simple style changes any man can make which open doors with extremely attractive women.
The 3 very strong indicators of interest. If she does all of these she WANTS you. if you miss them, she'll think you don't like her. She'll think you are rejecting her.
A common behavior that kills your sex appeal for a woman. You'll want to eliminate this unconscious action immediately.
Learn What Women Like, Love & Hate
The #1 cardinal sin of conversation, and conversation killing questions women hate. Plus The truth about how canned lines and routines affect connection.
Ever get tripped up because of an answer you didn't expect? Learn how to easily recover and impress her at the same time.
The nice way to call a woman on her BS. and have her respect and admire you for doing so. And discover why this is so important.
Find out what dozens of women agree is the #1 biggest turn off that ruins any chance of connection.
I'll show you How your mind 'traps' you and ruins your chances with women BEFORE you even approach. And how to obliterate the Mental loops keep you stuck.
The rubber-band trick to get rid of social anxiety flare-ups.
Even better. you'll discover the unconscious behaviors men do that make you a NO in a woman's mind before you approach. So you can stop shooting yourself in the foot.
Do you go to clubs? Avoid this 'creepy' behavior that guarantees instant rejection. (and don't think they don't notice, even from across the room)
And you'll find out How to quickly & easily tell if she's not really interested in you. (spare yourself the rejection by excusing yourself first)
Then after you know what women desire, how attraction works, how to connect and how to handle rejection. it's time to go on dates.
Discover simple & fun first date locations that help your conversation flow.
And how to design a fun date that helps you make a killer first impression. (That doesn't cost and arm & a leg) Plus places women absolutely hate for a first date.
Listen carefully to the 5 questions a woman will secretly try to answer about you on the first three dates. Why? Because she wants to know by date #3 if you are worth more of her time.
And you'll hear from the women when you should call, when you should text and when it's okay to email. Women notice these things. get it wrong and she'll be gone.
Best part. you'll discover the simple yet surprising way to ask a woman for a first date, she'll be shocked and excited at the same time. This method drastically improves the YES response!
Find out 3 simple, low-cost ideas for a first date women enjoy. And why the expensive dates can screw up your chances with a woman. A classic bonehead mistake guys make during dates that will lose you MAJOR points.[email protected]

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Wing Girl Method What s Inside a Woman s Mind Women Tell All

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