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Atlas of Hispanic-American History

ISBN: 081607092X

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Atlas of Hispanic American History

Atlas of Hispanic-American History By George Ochoa, Carter Smith
Publisher: Facts on File 2008-11-30 | 250 Pages | ISBN: 081607092X | PDF | 21 MB

Building on the authoritative text of the award-winning first edition, "Atlas of Hispanic-American History, Second Edition" chronicles the important cultural, historical, political, and social experiences of Hispanic Americans through the years. Completely updated and revised, this comprehensive atlas examines Spanish, Native American, and African influences and how they combine in different ways to form the varied cultures of Hispanic America. Numerous full-color maps engage readers with easy-to-grasp facts, figures, and images of everyday life.Coverage includes: The Roots of a People - the multicultural background of Hispanic America and the blending of races and cultures; Spain in the Americas - Columbus' arrival in the Caribbean and voyages to America, the fall of the Aztec Empire, and Florida and the Spanish Caribbean; Independence in the New World - the Spanish and the American Revolution, Independence from New Spain, and Mexican Independence; Manifest Destiny and Hispanic America - the Texas independence movement, the U.S.-Mexican War, the California gold rush and Chilean mining communities; A Time of Transition - Hispanic Americans and the U.S. Civil War, the Basques in America, and the Spanish-American War; and, The Age of World Wars - revolution in Mexico; World War I and World War II, Puerto Rican Americans in the 1920s and 1930s, the rise of the Hispanic labor movement, the Great Depression, and the zoot suit riots.It also includes the Hispanic American Civil Rights Era - the bracero program; Operation Wetback; the question of Puerto Rican statehood; the Cuban Revolution; A Changing Community: The Late 20th CenturyHispanic America Today: the Mexican-American immigration debate; Hispanic religion, artists, writers, musicians, actors, and athletes.

Atlas of Hispanic American History

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